Welcome to GlobalByte

GlobalByte is a project run by iFog GmbH with the aim to aggregate all free offerings of iFog GmbH in one place.

GlobalByte by iFog currently offers free IPv6 BGP Tunnels as well as free IPv6 IP Transit for non-commercial and personal networks.

GlobalByte is operating under AS209533 and is present and various IXPs ans upstreamed by AS34927.

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iFog GmbH runs its own Global Network under AS34927 and offers free IPv6 and IPv4 BGP Transit Tunnels in Frankfurt, Oslo, Fremont and Kansas. Pure IPv6 BGP Tunnels are available in London. Paid Tunnels are available in Barcelona and Singapore.

We also offer free IP Transit over IXPs for Individuals and Companies on a case by case basis.

iFog GmbH also offers VPSs in 9 locations around the world with BGP and fair-use Traffic. In Frankfurt, we offer VMs with Access to KleyReX, LocIX and NL-IX, in Amsterdam to NL-IX.

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